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EntwineTech Speaks Spanish


4 May 2011, Manila – EntwineTech adds Spanish to its Live Dealer Platform. Spanish will be an addition to the already existing: English, Greek, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Chinese.


Spanish will be satisfying the diverse needs of EntwineTech’s existing clients, some of which are keen to direct a local approach to Spanish speaking markets in Europe, Latin America and more…


While EntwineTech is continuously updating its platform with new capabilities, Spanish is yet another language with a vast market. Soon to join EntwineTech are: Russian, Portuguese and Indian.


One should note that EntwineTech is a company with over 200 employees and over 50 operators to tend to. Add to that mix the complexity of this industry and you will come to appreciate the flexibility and fast turnaround EntwineTech delivers.


The only question that remains is what is next for EntwineTech?


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