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EntwineTech – Release new and exciting Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger Game


2ndDecember 2013, Manila – EntwineTech the world’s largest live dealer platform is delighted to announce the launch of their new and exciting ‘Multi Gate Dragon & Tiger’ game.


Building on the mythology around Dragons and Tigers the three gates in the mutli gate game are identified by the names by ‘Tianmen’, ‘Dimen’ and ‘Renmen’ (literally, they mean ‘heaven gate’, ‘earth gate’ and ‘human gate’). For each gate, there are betting odds labelled ‘Dragon’, ‘Tiger’ and ‘Tie’, and the players can bet one or more gates in the scheduled time.


Ian Dunning a spokesperson for EntwineTech commented, “This is a significant enhancement for players who enjoy betting on the traditional version of the game. Dragon and Tiger games are simple, fast paced and exciting, the development of the ‘Multi Gate’ version by EntwineTech adds significantly to the excitement and opens up the possibility for customer to win more by prediction the various outcomes across the three gates. Operators will benefit from their customer having more betting opportunities within each game and by being able to offer customers higher margin bets.”


Ian Dunning went on to comment “This is yet another example of EntwineTech's determination to stay at the forefront of the live dealer market. Multi Gate Dragon and Tiger is one of many recent enhancements and developments across a number of areas which demonstrates EntwineTech’s commitment to providing its customers with world beating products and to maintain its position as the world leader in live dealer software”


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