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New Breaking Product - Dragon Phoenix Baccarat


28th December 2015, Manila – Following on from the successful launch early in 2015 of their ground breaking product: Dragon Bonus Baccarat, EntwineTech the world’s largest Live Dealer platform is proud to announce their latest new game, Dragon Phoenix Baccarat which offers a range of exciting new betting opportunities.



Ian Dunning a spokesperson for EntwineTech commented “EntwineTech has always led the field when it comes to the development of profitable new games. Utilising their depth of experience and knowledge of the live dealer market place combined with listening to the views of their partners and their customers they have yet again produced an exciting world beating live dealer game”


Dragon Phoenix Baccarat has the same rules as EntwineTech’s existing Baccarat games, but offers customers new options to bet on and enhanced pay-outs on Banker win bets. The new bets are:


  • Dragon 7. Odds 40/1.
  • Phoenix 8. Odds 25/1.
  • Banker pair combinations – This is a bet on the Banker’s first two cards being a pair, the odds are different depending on the combination of the pair.


Dunning further commented “Dragon Phoenix Baccarat is a fantastic new game, delivering excitement and an extended range of betting opportunities to our partners customers and is another example of EntwineTech’s commitment to the success of the company and its partners”.


For further details contact:
Sales Representative +44 787 509 2019


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