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n2-LIVE Sicbo


24th April 2017, Manila – n2-LIVE, is pleased to announce significant improvements to their Web based Sic-bo live dealer game which is a completely “New Sense of Sight” for Sic-bo. The literal meaning of Sic-bo is ‘precious dice’ and given the popularity of our upgraded game with players it is certainly precious to our partners as it is proving to be a lucrative profit generator.


A spokesperson for n2-LIVE commented “Our developers have used this knowledge to build a fantastic enhanced Sic-bo product; we have simplified the layout to make the display clearer and more intuitive, enhanced the live dealer image making it larger, allowing the player to get a real feeling that they are sitting at the table with the dealer. The betting section is larger and streamlined to allow for faster play, a new side panel shows the different games available and it highlights the dealers and betting limits allowing players to quickly identify the games they want to play. Our new Sic-bo live dealer game is fast paced, exciting and intuitive. We are confident that once players try our new game they will not want to go back to the boring old me too versions currently available in the market place”.


Without doubt when it comes to developing innovative new features and expanding the range of games available n2-LIVE leads the field of live dealer platform providers. The addition of the enhanced new Sic-bo game available on n2-LIVE’s web based platform continues the fantastic record of regularly releasing upgrades and new features. It is this passion for keeping our software up to date and relevant to today’s players that makes n2-LIVE the world’s preeminent live dealer platform.


n2-LIVE’s spokesperson further commented, “In today’s increasingly competitive market place only the most innovative and nimble operators survive, n2-LIVE strives every day to provide our partners with the most relevant and innovative software in the world”.


Please see below for a picture of n2-LIVE’s new Sic-bo game.




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