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EA is BACK - 15 years



22nd January 2018, Manila – Entertasia (EA) celebrates 15 years of outstanding success in the Live Dealer software industry and announces the opening of its new Live Dealer studio in Latvia, the FIRST Asian owned and designed live dealer studio in Europe.


15 years ago, EA launched one of the first live dealer studios and quickly went on to become the world’s leading supplier of Live Dealer solutions. EA’s success has been built on their strong Asian roots and heritage. Now building on their vast experiences EA have developed a state of the art Live Dealer studio in Latvia.




A spokesperson for EA commented, “In the highly competitive world of betting and gaming software development it is unusual for one company to remain at the forefront of their marketplace for a long period, for EA to have been the market leader in Live Dealer software for so long shows their determination to consistently innovate and produce stable, modern and profitable Live Dealer solutions. Over the past 15 years, our success has been built on three strong pillars, our passion for quality and innovation, our close working relationships with over 100 partners and our willingness to listen to what our partners' customers want”.


EA spectacular growth over the last 15 years had been achieved by assembling a team of highly skilled gaming professionals and investing heavily in research and development. The opening of the Live Dealer studio in Latvia is a good example of this investment with EA committing tens of millions of dollars to this venture.



EA’s spokesman further commented “While Asia is the traditional home of the live dealer concept, and most of the innovations and ideas that have produced the slick, intuitive and profitable live dealer solutions we see around the world today have foraged in the highly competitive and demanding world of digital Asian betting, EA believes that the Live Dealer market in Europe is now ready for explosive growth and EA’s state of the art Live Dealer solutions are well placed to dominate in the European market place. To this end, EA has used their experience and expertise to deliver a world-beating live dealer studio in Latvia containing the best of their gaming technology but delivered from Europe, with a western feel and look”.


As we move into our next 15 years we look forward to even greater success both for EA and our partners, as we look back on the past 15 years we thank our valued partners for their trust in us and their support and help in making us who we are today.



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